Monday, November 24, 2008


This picture sums up Mya perfectly. Pajamas, messy hair, a pirate hat, a sword and mom's boots!

Indian Girl. Halloween 2006.

One of the few times Mya has played dress up and actually worn a dress!

Hiking in Zion Canyon with her "stick".

Cowboy Mya.

With cousin Ani.

Super Mya! Now this is dressing up, Mya style.


Sleeping on the kitchen chairs!

Good birthday, dude!

Doesn't everyone unload the dishwasher in the nude?!


Cara said...

My favorite is Mya doing the dishes naked! Did she learn that from you?

Amy said...

No. Grandma Shirley. She does all her housework in the nude. Remember?

Char said...

Dude, she puts a blouse on if Grandpa starts staring.


dude! i laughed my ass off at this conversation and they had to explain it to david (i dont know how he has been a member of the family for so long and NOT heard it!) and then we BOTH laughed out asses off!

gosh damn her huge smiley face is cute!!!

Jade said...

Mya is so funny! She knows that you love when she unloads the dishwasher nude mom!