Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mya's Special Day Continued

Teaching Chandler to ride.
This is the definition of addiction. No time for dressing or cleaning! I have to save Batman!

Reading to Chandler. "And it came to pass..."

Teaching Darth Vader a lesson.

With Daddy at LegoLand.

First dip in the ocean.

Easter picnic.

Putting herself in Noelle's shoes.

Look at that baby face!

Driving lessons at LegoLand. She's apparently very concerned about the driver behind her. Not so much about the one in front of her. This is why we never let her drive.


Soooo tired!

Her first bike. Within a few weeks she parked it directly behind my car in my blind spot and I backed right over it. We had to re-live that moment again today.

She seems so girly! Very deceiving!

Minnie Mouse!


Jana said...

Damn you make cute kids! It must genetic cause I made a pretty cute one myself. Kiss them all for me. And pinch that cute but the next time it's naked like that. P.S. I can't believe that you didn't have one of her crack hanging out the top of her pants. That seems to be a daily occurance.

Jade said...

Mya's baby face looks just like Chandler. I can't believe it!:)