Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Names

Ok, so the little Garfield boy's big debut is only a few weeks away. So far we can only come up with two names that we like and I want everyones opinion. I'm not computer savvy enough to do one of those official poll thing-y's on my sidebar, so everyone will just have to leave a comment. And, for those of you who already responded on Facebook, thanks!

I hate both of those names, so here is my best suggestion.


Sydney Garton said...

I love the name Carter. I like Dawson too though. There's definately not as many Dawsons around. I could name off many many Carters. Carter is on our boy name list too (If we ever have one!) My vote is for Carter.. but that's not saying I wont steal it from you some day! : )

Jamie and Brady said...

I like both also... maybe leaning more towards Carter. It seems to go well with Garfield, maybe it's the "ar" thing. Can't wait to see him and hear what name you picked!