Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a great Easter weekend! Here are some pictures of the highlights.....
Three of my favorite things........

You can tell by their squinting that it was a beautiful spring day! Don't they look beautiful? I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures before we left for church.
Also, this holiday weekend, Jade got glasses! Doesn't she look cute in them? I think they make her look even more like her daddy!

The Easter Bunny found our house, and was very good to us. The kids were on a full-fledged sugar high by 8:00 am!!

These next pictures are from Saturday. Traditionally, on Easter Eve, we go to Grandma and Grandpa B.'s house and have a "lunch hunt" (we hide each part of their lunch around the house) and a picnic and then an Easter egg hunt outside. Darcy always goes way overboard planning and the kids have so much fun!

All of the "B" cousins.

I think she looks like she could belong to me. I might steal her.

She may not fit in as well, but I'd take her too.

Please take a moment to appreciate this picture. Noelle had to jump to get this egg out of the tree. Her feet aren't even touching the ground! Amazing, right? I'm available for hire.

Hmm....some of these "kids" look to big to hunt for Easter eggs.
These next pictures are from Mya's preschool Easter Egg Hunt. It was a tad windy as you can see. Luckily they finished before the rain started.
We hope your holiday weekend was as wonderful as ours! Only one more day till school starts again!!


Char said...

Ha! We have school again today!

Your girls are freaking adorable.

I love Jade's glasses.

Don't tell my kids how much crap the EB leaves at your house. They'll be PISSED.

Brooke's new hair is freaking cute.

Callie said...

Your girls are so beautiful! What great pictures!

Clark and Annmarie Huggins said...

I decided you are going to take my girls shopping and i will pay, your girls are dressed so cute.

porter family said...

i like chands double chin (though she looks more like my kid than yours with it). cute!

man, we have cute kids!!

The Ball Family said...

Your kids are so cute!