Friday, April 17, 2009

Mya's (Mom's) Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Look at that sweet, innocent face! Isn't she darling? This kid has been keeping me on my toes since she could crawl. Neither of my older girls really got into things or made messes. I never baby-proofed my house until she came along. Today was no different.
Notice the new bangs? She decided to sleep with a sucker last night and when she woke up this morning it was stuck in her hair. Rather than asking me to help her she hurriedly cut it out. Luckily she has a hair-cut appointment tomorrow morning. Abby can work miracles.

That was just the beginning. I have been spring cleaning, and today I decided to clean Mya's room. I decided to take a few before pictures just for fun. Also to document all of the naughty things she has been up to the last little while! Keep in mind she "cleaned" her room less than 12 hours before these were taken:Notice there isn't a sheet on the bed. That's because she decided to cut holes in it. It's in the garbage.
Half eaten peeps. Nice.
This is where she decided to glue her art work to the wall.
This is the door of her armoire. There were also very nice drawings on the wall, her bed, the closet door, her toybox and the window sill. Remember, she's 5. WAAAY too old for all of this crap!
And now for the after shots:

Much better! I think I'll sleep well tonight and I may even let Mya live. All of the drawings came off, the glue didn't remove the paint, and I got rid of TONS of toys. Now, on to the next room.
P.S. Her room looks so cluttered, even clean. Any suggestions? It's a small room and I'm sure it would help if I toned down the 400 colors I have going on in there, but I'm not going to (cause everything matches!). I hate pushing all of the furniture up against the wall, but maybe I need to. I could make the bed into a day-bed and put it lengthwise against one wall. What do you think?
P.P.S. I know that nothing in here is terribly feminine. It has to be that way. Mya is a "girl-tom" (Someone once told her she was a tom-boy and she can never remember it right. She tells everyone she's a girl-tom) and hates anything pink or frilly.


Clark and Annmarie Huggins said...

i love the room, you need to come to my house and spring clean. also thanks for making me feel young, i also think i am to young to be a grandma. but hey what can i say.

Char said...

I think that a) all 3rd children are evil (hint: Cara...kidding!) or b) you just have too much other stuff going on by the time you have that many because all that crap right there is stuff that Campbell has done or would do. Every single thing we ever said "I'm so glad we don't have a kid who _________", Campbell does.

And I like her room. You know how I feel about green and red. Remember that one time we both bought the same bedding? Ha!

porter family said...

i like her room and i dont think it looks cluttered (when its clean)! you are just insane!!

oh, and zoey never had issues with coloring on walls until we moved into this house and then she did several elaborate drawings on the walls. once you are old enough to do ANYTHING elaborately, you shouldnt be drawing on walls!!

are you seeing these fun pictures and stories and laughing about how you said zoey was just so naughty (and into things) because i raised her that way! the jokes on you!!

Jamie Stein said...

Her room really does look very nice. Willem is almost seven now, and his furniture is all drawn over. (That's my excuse for not buying him new furniture- because I know he'll just keep ruining it for who knows how long.) Willem is also very prolific at making things out of paper, and he always insists on keeping it, so his room is very cluttered. It drives me crazy, but what can you do?

The Morris Family said...

Not to be ruse, but I feel a little better to know that any part of your house is not perfect even if it is for only a few minutes! my girls rooms (Well my whole house) gets so cluttered! They like to keep everything! I just can never get all my crap put away! Well her room looks clean and darling! Good luck with the bangs, atleast it wasn't the back of her hair!

Bourgeous said...

Do you hire out? You are amazing.

The.Marcellus.Family said...

She is so cute!
I remember when my mom would clean my room before i got home from school. I was always like," YESS! " cause I hated cleaning hah. You are such a good mom.

also, I LOVE the room the way it is:) its super cute

Clari said...

those bangs are in style. i couldnt have done it better myself. i think your little girl-tom is a cool kid! cute room

Aspen Garfield said...

haha I have the cutest niece. :) What a funny girl. You know I'm glad to hear it cause Sierra is still doing that stuff too and she's four and a half! Mya's not the only one. :) Maybe it's in the blood.

Her room is darling, you do a great job, but you're right about the bed against the wall, it could really open up the space a lot too. :) Either way though, super cute.

JD and Jalyn said...

THats so funny! Krisanne decided since Samantha wrote on the wall then it would be fun to join her and add some art work too. Nice to know other 5 year olds who do supid crap! Unfortunately I don't like the fact that she sounds just like Samantha so I guess she may continue like this huh?

porter family said...