Saturday, January 3, 2009


My mom would not only not be proud, she would be downright disgusted with my picture taking on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, since it is Ryan's birthday (I told you! Craziness!), we always have family over for a soup dinner. (He turned 36!! His mid-life crisis should hit any day!) You'll just have to take my word for it, because I didn't take a single picture! Anyone care to send me any? Cara (my sister) and Dustin (her husband) spent the night at our house since their lives are empty and child-less. We share ours. Aren't we nice?
Here are some of the pictures that I did manage to take:

The Christmas tree.

Jade's gifts from Santa. Damn Santa. We don't want a cat!! Although if we did decide to want a cat, a really mild mannered and adorable persian named Isabelle would be a good one.

Noelle's gifts from Santa.

Mya's gifts from Santa.

The aftermath.
Other stuff happened that day. I just didn't document any of it. We got TONS of snow and spent the entire day on Christmas at my mom and dad's house. We got sickening amounts of gifts and ate sickening amounts of really good food. It was awesome.


Cara said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me and my husband. It makes our empty and child-less existence a little easier (you are kind of a bitch).

Jade said...

Your welcome CAra!! oh and your dogs and not allowed near my precious, expensive cat!! Consider yourself warned!!!!!!!!!

candiceschenk said...

Hi Amy! I found your blog from Kristi Kent! I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas! Tell Ryan Hi for me. Candice (Rowley) Schenk

Jeff said...

Wow! Looks like alot of fun. I really miss you guys. I love American Fork but it sucks never seeing my friends. I love how Mya loves Batman.

Aspen Garfield said...

That cat is so dang cute!

Alison said...

Don't ever show my kids your Christmas their Santa isn't as nice!!! How fun!