Saturday, January 3, 2009

My New Camera!

Ryan got me exactly what I wanted for Christmas. A Canon EOS Rebel. He's awesome, isn't he!?! I practiced on Chandler and she agreed to demonstrate some of my feelings on my new toy. Here they are:

Super Excited!!
A little retarded.

Frustrated! I thought I was smarter than a camera. Nope.

Hopefully I can get a little better with some practice. The instruction manual, though it appears to be in english, is written in a language I do not understand. I may have to take a class or something. Until then, just know that I am trying.


Alison said...

Can I just start off by saying I Love YOU!!! No wonder hanging out with you was so much fun!! I seriously was laughing so hard on this post!!! Your poor cute niece took the butt end of your joke though...poor (CUTE)kid!


good thing it isnt my kid you are calling retarded..i might have to kick your butt (and jana still might). you know youre scared!!

Cara said...

Damn it, she is so cute!! Too bad your days of sitting around holding her are over. Now Ryan might make you clean the house or make his lunch or something.

Jana Barraclough said...

BITCH! I let you practice on my kid and THAT'S the pictures that you show everyone!? Luckily most people that read this blog already know how cute she is, or I would be really upset!

Aspen Garfield said...

So cute, one thing to remember is to never use your flash, it can be difficult, but if it's dark, just raise your ISO....I can help you if you want. It's easier then it looks. Cute posts! I think I got all the way to the bottom, I wanted your bleeding eyes to feel appreciated. =)